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Ben Brashear

Owner and Founder of BrashearPhoto


Durango, Co 81301
United States


Brashear Photo is the home of Ben Brashear's wedding, portrait, editorial, food, and adventure photography as well as his pursuits in sports journalism.

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About and proprietor Ben Brashear


I am an outdoorsman, writer, and photographer fortunate enough to call Durango, Colorado my home. It doesn't matter if I am shooting a wedding, food, chasing athletes over 14'ners or putting pen to paper, the exhilaration of capturing thatcandid moment that reveals true character and raw emotion of my subject drives my work. Ultimately, I seek to reveal the underlying truth of human emotion, our tenacity and spirit to face our challenges head on, I want to find the moments and the stories that inspire us all to push forward into something we can call passionate living. Please call oremail to schedule a session, an adventure, to bounce ideas around, or even to simply hit the trails.




Monday – Friday 8:30am – 8pm
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